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Sean Murray

JF Murray & Sons was birthed from a conversation with my father, George. A printer by trade, he spent three decades of his life printing and selling artwork drawn for him by his father James. After James' death in 1990 George sold his Davidson offset printing press, retired from the family business and moved to Florida. It was in 2014 my father told me a large surplus of these black and white prints of New England remained. Not wanting to see his—and his father's—life work discarded he asked if I'd find them a home. 

As a little boy in Salem, New Hampshire my parents would pay me $.10 (each) to mat and seal these prints of New England landscapes and historical landmarks. We would then travel as a family, selling them at local art fairs. During that time I learned about art, craft and developed a strong work ethic. But most importantly I grew an appreciation for legacy. I was filled with an immense pride to be the son of a craftsman and the grandson of an artist. This ultimately shaped the course of my career—as well as my life. 

JF Murray & Sons is my way of honoring those who paved the road before me. It's a company deeply rooted in the faith and ethics my family has instilled in me. Yes, we sell stuff—but for me it's much more—it's the manifestation of my gratitude towards my lineage. 

Thank you for allowing me to carry the torch and present to you the pride of the Murray Family.

Welcome to JF Murray & Sons,
Sean A. Murray