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We’re happy to help, but before you write let us answer some frequently asked questions.

How much is my print worth?
Please understand we’re not appraisers and cannot tell you how much your prints are worth. The value we place on our remaining artwork is based on the current availability. Thousands of lithographs were produced during James’s and George’s careers so it is not uncommon to find prints in estate sales, flea markets, eBay, Etsy and other third party sellers. 

I found a print that is not on your site.
If you do not see a print on this site but found one in the world it could very well be commissioned artwork from a lithograph company such as Currhan Co. Their copyright can often be found near James’s signature with a “C Co.” We also have a large library that we are still categorizing and uploading. 

I think it’s an original.
Not impossible, but highly improbable. We retain all original artwork on this site. George F. Murray was an excellent printer—so excellent you may need a loop (magnifying glass) to see for yourself.

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